RAK7258 not connecting to TTN

I’ve been going through the doc over and over but not matter, TTN is always showing “not connected”


  • firmware: 1.1.0062_Release r202
  • gateway is able to ping google.com, etc…

Hello @smertrios,

You can refer to this post. Try changing the address as per the instructions in it, this should solve it.


P.S. Seems like it is not it :frowning:

Will test it tomorrow, though I am sure someone will solve it before me by than, however with the risk of being annoying, you sure that the TTN configuration is all correct, Gateway EUI, Legacy forwarder, router, etc.

Thanks, I changed to router.us.thethings.network and after a couple minutes, the gateway showed up as connected on TTN…

note: I was connected to the gateway through wifi while the gateway was also connected to the internet through ethernet. I then disconnected from wifi to reconnect to the admin page from ethernet. not sure if it makes a difference.

Hi @smertrios,

This should not have anything to do with it as it was connected to the Ethernet all the time, thus using this interface to connect to TTN. Maybe it was a TTN issue, sometimes there are short outages.
Anyways happy you solved it and it is now performing as it should.
Can we consider the issue resolved ?


yes it can be closed. It’s been working fine since I changed to router.us.thethings.network.

Thank you!