RAK7268V2, How to register this gateway to Helium Network as a Hotspot?

Hello Team

I have a RAK devices as below:

  • Product RAK7268V2 (WisGate Edge Lite 2), RAK2171 (Trackit)
  • Firmware RAK7268V2 is WisGateOS_2.1.4_RAK; RAK2171 is v 1.1.6
  • Computer OS: Windows 10
  • My smartphone is: SS Note 9
  • My Location is Hanoi - Vietnam

I already setup RAK2171 (from my phone with Trackit app) to connect to Helium Network at LoraWAN Mode. I also created a Helium account and added the RAK2171 as a end node.

I guess that the model is: node<—>gateway<—>Helium Network.

So I don’t know how to register the RAK7268V2 to the Helium Network to get data of the WisNode Trackit. So can anyone help me?.


  • I am newbie, so appericiate for any detailed instructions.
  • I think I have successfully setup the model: node <–> gateway <–> thethingsnetwork <–>Datacake. But the Trackit app integrated inside Datacake just show the battery info, not update other info as GPS, SOS. I think Helium support RAK2171 better than TTN
  • I have read this topic in our forum (Rak7289 to helium), but it seems complicated for me, and not sure if it works for my case
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