RAK8211 Can this be connected AWS?

Hi There. I just brought a couple of RAK 8211 boards (iTracker) as they are supposed to be a NB IOT GPS board. There is very little information on the boards anywhere (even here).
It comes with 2 boards in the pack I think one board is an Adaptor board ?

Ultimately I need to be able to connect this board to the AWS IOT. I cannot even get to a stage where I can enter information into them. Very frustrating.
Please help.


Link on the product page at https://store.rakwireless.com/products/rak8211-nb-itracker goes to:


This provides information on programming it with a variety of IDE’s, the simplest being Arduino.

Hi Nick, Thank you for your reply. However I have tried to get the Arduino part working but it just refuses to communicate. The board itself does not have a USB connection but there is an adaptor board. I can see that in USB devices list, I have downloaded and updated all of the Boards.txt but it stubbornly refuses to connect. I am used to seeing a device on the Com Port but this looks like it needs something else?
The instructions talk about J-Link and ZaDig but nothing works.
I have 2 boards and both are the same issue.

As i know, RAK never supply Arduino firmware for RAK8211, but there are two firmware for it: Espruino and C.

This is Esruino firmware for RAK8211: http://www.espruino.com/RAK8211

This is C language firmware for RAK8211 which can be compiled using GCC: https://github.com/RAKWireless/RUI_Platform_Firmware_GCC

Hi Fomi, You are from RAKWireless?
Can you please confirm that it was never designed to be used in the Arduino IDE as it is clearly advertised that you can use Arduino. There is also a set of instructions in the 8211 downloads for Arduino (although these do not seen to work)

The brochure definitely says that it Arduino friendly/capable.


RAK8211 is Arduino friendly/capable surely in hardware.
What i mean is software, RAK official firmware is not Arduino firmware. Maybe others had supplied Arduino software solution for RAK8211 in open source community, but i only know the above two software firmware, Espruino and C.

Maybe I am using different Terminology and of course I am a Newbie when it comes to this.
If you look at this page it clearly says that it is programmable by the Arduino IDE.

Are you saying that this is not the case ? I need to use something else to program these?

Ideally. I need to be able to connect to an IOT service to send sensor data.
How do I put in the information to be able to send the IOT Data. In my case it is the AWS IOT service.
I will need to enter the Digital Certificate, the IOT account details etc.

Also I will need to connect the NB and will need to put in the Carrier information. How will I do this ?
Please help.

Yes, the module can be programmed using Arduino IDE.
As i said, there are some tutorials and examples made by others for RAK8211 + Arduino.
Just send you one of them for reference: