RAK8211 schematic

I’m trying to find the schematic of the RAK8211.
On the website the RAK8212 does have a schematic, but the RAK8211 seems to be missing.

I know that PIN_SERIAL_RX is 16 and PIN_SERIAL_TX is 17, but I need to know all the pins so I can use them in the Arduino IDE.
For example I cannot find PWR_GPRS_ON, GPRS_RESET and GPRS_PWRKEY.

I did find a schematic elsewhere, but the pin numbers are probably wrong.

Hi @ephimee
Did you check here RAK8211 ?

Todor Velev

Yes I did, it’s missing. It only has the M35 and the ADAP schematic. Also pins 16 and 17 are not connected to TX/RX.

The M35 is for the RAK8211-G, but I have the RAK8211-NB with the BC95