RAK8212 - UART communication between nordic mcu and bg96


Since the Nordic nRF52832 microcontroller on the RAK8212 board has only one hardware UART and it is connected to the main UART interface of the bg96 which, according to Quectel, can only be used for AT command communication, then how is it possible to send gsm data to the Nordic MCU?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Mohamed

What do you mean about sending GSM data to Nordic MCU? The GSM data comes from BG96 or not?
If it comes from BG96, the data can be sent to MCU through uart interface surely. If not, i don’t know what it is, but we normally send some data or command into Nordic MCU through BLE.

Hi @Fomi

Yeah, that’s the case. I just checked the updated version of Quectel documentation: data can be sent from bg96 to MCU through UART1 interface.

Yes, MCU can communicate with BG96 through UART interface, including sending data and receiving data. But i can’t understand what’s your question?

Sorry about that, I already found my answer in the latest update of bg96 documentation.

How can y send command to BG96 via windows terminal?

You can send AT command to BG96 through Nordic mobile APP over BLE.
Just use the latest firmware:
according to the document: