Rakpios default credentials

not sure I’m posting in the right place but my end goal is use the 2013 board and I didn’t find a dedicated category for rakpios so here it goes :slight_smile:

I flashed the 20230327-rakpios-0.7.0-arm64-lite.img from the official website on an SD card using balena etcher. Everything went fine and I managed to connect using ssh with the “rak” default user. The odd thing is that it did not require any password and never asked me to change the default password (which contradicts the documentation).

I tried to change the password using the cli (“passwd” command) but it requires to type the current password and I tried “changeme”, “unset”, “root” and other defaults values but to no avail…

Is anyone capable to reproduce this issue ? (I tried flashing it many times using balena etcher and even the pi imager with always the same result).

Can anyone tell me what the default password could be in my situation ?
Thanks in advance.
Best regards.