Real Time Clock using RAK3172 internal 32.768kHz clock

Hey RAKWireless or anyone,

Using RAK3172 device.
Would you have some tips on creating an RTC that uses 32.768 kHz clock timer interrupt?


Hi @pmjackson ,

I am not sure if you are already aware of our RUI3 Timer API but maybe you can have a look.

Still I already asked the R&D team on accessing the 32.768kHz clock timer.

Hello, how are you, RAK team and @carlrowan , I would like to know if there was any progress regarding the subject and the handling of RTC, since I am implementing a functionality with it, thank you very much.

Hi @Camilo ,

I already asked update regarding this from our RUI3 team. I am not hopeful though since based on our previous last internal discussions, RTC is used by the low level implementation of RUI3 logic so exposing it to users might affect RUI3 routines.