Required RAK3172 sample firmware

Using AT Command I want to communicate with RAK3172 ,so please give me RAK3172 AT Commands Reference firmware.

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The AT commands of RAK3172 can be found here RAK3172 Module AT Command Manual | RAKwireless Documentation Center

Both for the RUI3 and the old (deprecated) firmware. I am not sure though on what you mean with Reference firmware.

Hi carlrowan,

Thank you for the quick response,

Actually I want to make RAK3172 Costume Firmware using AT Commend,so I want reference firmware of RAK312.

Can you please suggest me a sequence of AT Commend,Like step by step which AT Command I will give so i can successfully Communicate with RAK3172.

On the link, I’ve shared above, there is section where you have access on the specific quick start guides for your RAK3172. Maybe you can have a look and check if this is what you are looking? Those guides have sequence of AT commands shown.

yes,I looking of this thinks.

Thank you for your response.