RUI 4.0.4 not available in Arduino IDE?

Hi, just found out that
does not contain the most recent 4.0.4. Any specific reason why?


As far as I know it’s a beta version, still not released. I see her on forum that probably will be released within a week

To use RUI 4.0.4 or any other specific framework or library that is not available in the Arduino IDE, you may need to follow the instructions provided by the framework’s documentation. This might involve manually installing the framework or library in the Arduino IDE or using a different IDE or development environment that is compatible with the specific platform or device you are working with.

RUI3 V4.0.4 is replaced by V4.0.5 which is the official released latest version.

As Anderson said, V4.0.4 was a staging version only.

It’s possible that version 4.0.4 of the RAKwireless Arduino BSP was released after the JSON file was last updated. If the JSON file has not been recently updated, it may not reflect the latest version Balancedwellnesshub.