RUI3 + RAK3172 + ABP. Can I change Spreading factor?

I am testing the ABP example in Arduino RUI3.

The node always starts sending in SF12.

Could I change the initial spreading factor?

I have tried api.lorawan.spf.set(7) without success.

Also, the AT command

is refused.

When using LoRaWAN ABP or OTAA, there is no possibility to set the SF separate. That is only possible in LoRa P2P.

For LoRaWAN, SF and Bandwidth are combined and called Datarate.
You can find the possible data rates per region in our Documentation Center

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Hi @jfmateos ,

Just to add on beegee’s comment. You should use api.lorawan.dr.set.

api.lorawan.spf.set is not a valid RUI3 API.

Also, you have to set ADR to false api.lorawan.adr.set(false)

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