Safety data sheet


Can you send me safety data sheets for

RTC Module Micro Crystal RV-3028-C7
RAK Battery plus


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Hi Bruno,

What do you mean with safety datasheet? Something like UL certification?

For the RTC module, we do not have any.

For the RAK Battery Plus, I am not aware of any. But I will tag here @Nikola since he knows more about Battery Plus.

Hi Carl,

Thanks for your response.
No, it not like UL Certification

See : Safety data sheet - Wikipedia

We need it for each material with battery. I have to send material to customer, freight carrier is asking me them


Hi Bruno,

I understand now. I’ll relay to my colleague who might know if we have one.

Hi Bruno,

I sent on this email the MSDS of Battery Plus. Please have a look.

Thans a lot, it’s perfect :slight_smile:

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