SAM R34 revision?

What is the chip revision number for ATSAMR34J18B in RAK4260 module?

Modules I got return ID number 0x10810028 which means they are Revision A. Are there RAK4260 modules available with Revision C on them?

Is there a possibility to get Errata document for Revision A of ATSAMR34J18B?

I can see Errata ids referenced in and I can’t find those ids in the official Revision C document from Microchip.

@hairuitao,can you help him?

HI Miceuz,
May be the chip revision is A. For the RAK4260 module producted one years ago,I think we haven’t Revision C module.
For the Errata ids I checked with Microchip FAE, They only have Revison C.
Best Regards