Segger J-Link connection with RAK4631/RAK19007 scheme

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I would like to connect a Segger J-Link with the RAK4631 with a RAK19007 board, but I don´t know where in the RAK19007 I have to connect the flat cable connector that it comes from J-Link?

I have the J-Link connector description, but I don´t know where to connect in the RAK19007 board.

Could you help me?



Hi Claudio,

There is no JLink interface on the base board.
You connect the Jlink to the SWD interface on the WisBlock Core module itself.
My connections are like this:

The 3V3 connection is going to VRef on the Jlink and it is NOT supplying the RAK4631. You still need to supply the module through USB or battery.

In JFlash my project setup is

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Thank you very much by your support.


A quick question: When you say: " The 3V3 connection is going to VRef on the Jlink and it is NOT supplying the RAK4631", the 3V3 source, Could it be the RAK19007 J12 pin 1 VDD?


Sorry for being unclear.
With “The 3V3 connection is going to VRef on the Jlink and it is NOT supplying the RAK4631” I mean that you have to supply the BaserBoard over USB or battery while using the JLink.
The JLink adapter is not providing supply voltage to the board.

I was seeing the figure that you posted at " RAK 11720 not connecting to Jlink segger " , where you have VTref is the VDD 3.3V

Could it be this way?

Yes, the 3.3V is supplying the WiSDuo module AND has to be connect to VTref of the Jlink.
VTref tells the Jlink adapter the required voltage levels in TMS, TCK and RESET.

Thank you, I Will do It.


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