SSH into RAK7244 not working

Hi there,
I’ve connected my gateway through ethernet cable and I can ping my pi, but when I try to ssh to the device by “ssh [email protected]” (the actual IP is different than this), I get “connection refused” error.
Does it mean I need to disassemble the RAK and connect the PI to a monitor and keyboard and enable SSH manually? or is there another way? Or maybe I’m doing something else wrong?
Thank you

Which Pi image have you used - if it’s from the Pi site, it won’t have SSH turned on by default.

It may be quicker to plug a monitor & keyboard in to see what’s happening - but no disassembly required - all the Pi ports are accessible.

That’s the thing i’m not sure about, cause I got it from my friend and it already had Pi image on it! But I assumed it’s from RAK image!
There’s no HDMI port on the RAK! Am I supposed to use USB to connect to a monitor?

You could download the latest card image from RAK and use that, that may just work out-of-the-box.

There are two HDMI ports - just a little smaller than you may be used to. It’s a Pi 4 …

oh I see, I thought they’re micro-USB! I don’t have proper cables for that! I’ll probably need to download the RAK image then.
Thank you Nick!

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