Supported MAC commands on RAK3172

We are currently using the RAK3172 in one of designs. Which of the following Lorwan MAC commands does the RAK3172 currently support?

linkADRReqAns, devStatusReqAns, joinRequestAccept, dutyCycleReqAns, linkCheckReqAns, rxParamSetupReqAns, rxTimingSetupReqAns, newChannelReqAns, dlChannelReqAns, txParamSetupReqAns, pingSlotChannelReqAns, pingSlotInfoReqAns, deviceTimeReqAns, beaconFreqReqAns

Hi @marinafinch ,

Those commands are supported by RAK3172. Some commands work though based on the specific configuration like PingSlots which is available only for Class B. Also AFAIK, some are not used like changing battery of DevStatusAns. Another thing to consider is the LNS side since some of the MAC can be enabled or disabled on the network side.

RAK modules support the entire command set described in the LoRaWAN 1.0.3 specification.

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