The BALLOON Project of LoRa

(Vladislav Yordanov) #28

Please disregard my previous post. I shall refrain from commenting on things I am not competent about.

(Ken Yu) #29

waiting your technical spec and then we will offer a suitable solution then sending gift to you:)

(Stuart Robinson) #30

In fact most of the Ubloxes can be set into a high altitude mode, allowing use (at slow speed) at up to 50km.

How you do this depends on the exact GPS you are using …

(Stuart Robinson) #31

I am a new arrival, and will declare a vested interest, I sell PCBs for very simple LoRa based high altitude balloon trackers, its basically just to make sure my hobby, playing with LoRa and trackers, does not eat into my retirement savings, see;


(Vladislav Yordanov) #32

Awesome, do you ship outside UK?

(elpis) #33

I think the best option is the lora satelite we have allready contacted laguna company waiting for their respond the second idea is to take the board this and basically switch the communication device from APRS ro lora simple :slight_smile: but really very complicated but is possible :):):

(elpis) #35

Basically RAK can provide us with a custom vesrion of their board and also techical support - the Rak triobisba very good solution for our project if we modify it a bit :):slight_smile: instead of desing a pcb from scratch:):

(elpis) #37

Hello i have the pcb desing of the tracker please pm me to send you the desing thanks :):slight_smile:

(Stuart Robinson) #38

Yes, I do ship outside of the UK.

(Vladislav Yordanov) #39

I would love to see this aswel, perhaps share it to everyone in the thread, if it is not top secret that is :slight_smile:

(Stuart Robinson) #40

Can’t PM as a newbie.

(elpis) #42

i am new on using keil can anyone help what settings should i set to output a bin file ?

(kastayou) #43

On your screenshot, go to the output menu and tick “create hex file”, the you will have the bin file created during compilation

(elpis) #44

first test :>:>

i also provided all the data below

link to data

(Vladislav Yordanov) #45

Awesome, nice work. 100 km is a good start :slight_smile:

(elpis) #46

Are they any ways to visualize the data ?

(kastayou) #47

What kind of visualisation are you looking for?

Cayenne is one way to visualise the data.
You have the csv file, you can you this file to draw some chart on Microsoft Excel or similar software.
Another way would be to connect directly to TTN MQTT and use node-red to visualize the data.

I have seen that you reached an altitude of 12000 meters, that’s great!

Here is a chart of altitude versus time based on your data.

(elpis) #48

Basically on the time of the expirament cayennes my device dident work and some time it gets stuck also ttn has a problem when you try to log in - a like this free services but we will show this expirament in front of 1.000 students what if in the day of the expirament cayene or ttn have problem again can you recommend a better morr reliable service ?

(Vladislav Yordanov) #49

Perhaps, Grafana, Kibana?
By the way I saw no GPS data in the CSV, did I miss it?

(elpis) #50

The gps condinated are there for sure :slight_smile: