The BALLOON Project of LoRa

I have found cayenne mydevices very reliable. I am surprised to see that it did not work.

You should have a look at node red. You can easily create a dashboard and retrieve the data from TTN by MQTT. Lot of information are available online.

Kibana or Grafana are also an option.
I found Grafana easier to use.

You can also have a look at application integration available in TTN.

Will try :slight_smile: just found a really nice website

Just thought to pass gps and altitude from ttn and have a 3d visualization :):

Just received all parts from the sponsorship :):slight_smile: i will post some pictures soon :):slight_smile:

look forward your picture also in social

coming soon preparing for the first test :>:> can i ask if we can power up the RAK5205-WisTrio-LoRa with this ?
for battery

and for solar


Good to see the initiative.

First test today 110 kilometers:):):

Thanks todor velev and vladislav :):): for the help

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