The RAK3172's default DevEUI: can I use it?

As RAK3172 modules come with a DevEUI, I assume RAKwireless must have an Organizationally Unique Identifier (OUI) from the IEEE Registration Authority. Am I right?

Now, my second question is: if I build a LoRaWAN end-device (using a RAK3172) with the RAK3172’s DevEUI as the end-device’s DevEUI, is it correct? Am I allowed to do that?
Or do I have to overwrite the RAK3172’s DevEUI with a new one (by purchasing a block from IEEE Registration Authority)?

Appreciate your attention,

Hi @EmSys22 ,

You are correct that RAK secures that block from IEEE.

That EUI in the sticker of RAK3172 is unique to you (the user). So basically, you can use it for your own project with no harm to us or to anybody :+1:

Hi @carlrowan,

Thank you for your quick feedback!
Perfect, I will use the RAK3172’s DevEUI for my end-device.

And, for curiosity’s sake: what would be the consequence if I used a random DevEUI for my end-device (without any subscription to the IEEE Registration Authority)?


Does RAK write this EUI to flash during manufacturing so it can be read programmatically by FW?


Likelihood of DEVEUI reuse is possible. Which means you wont be able to onboard your device to the network server because it is used already. Good news is that this is already handle to you by RAK :+1:

Hi @Autodog ,

It is not embedded. DEVEUI can be changed.

However, there’s an OUI programmed into the STM32WLE5 by ST. See 37.1.4 of the STM32WLxx reference manual (RM0461):

37.1.4 IEEE 64-bit unique device ID register (UID64)
A 64-bit unique device identification (UID64) is stored in the Flash memory and can be
accessed by the CPUs.
Base address: 0x1FFF 7580
Address offset: 0x00
Reset value: 0xXXXX XXXX
Note:X is factory-programmed.

The STM32Cube firmware for LoRaWAN will use this automatically if correctly configured in Cube (uncheck ‘Static EUI’).


Hi @danak6jq ,

Yes you are correct. Thank you for sharing.

However, on the RAK3172 modules FW, the DEVEUI are set to be configurable by users.