Troubleshoot Voice over USB / UAC on RAK2013 (EG95-E)


The UAC and the Voice over USB does not work with my RAK2013 (EG95-E, EG95EFBR06A06M4G) HAT on my RPI4B 2GB plugged by USB and UART. I tried almost everything, but the created usb audio cards does not play any sounds and they also does not redirect any sound to the current call.

I followed every steps of Quectel Voice Over USB and UAC Application Note v1.0.

But nothing worked.


Does create additional sound cards on my RPI, but

speaker-test -c1 -t sine -f 500 -r 8000 -D plughw:CARD=Android,DEV=0

Does not send any sound to the caller, and

AUDIODEV=plughw:CARD=Android,DEV=0 rec -c 2 -r 8000 -b 16 output.wav

Does not save any proper sound on the file.

Thanks for your work and help,

PS: Voice and audio does works if I use a headphone and mic with the built-in RAK2013 jack, but my goal is to stream audio in and out from software on my RPI4.