TX power output 1/10th of expected


I am using rak3172 with low level development code.
Here is what i observe
AT command firmware : i can see tx of 20 dbm/10dbm (conductive )
low level development code : i only see 2dbm

Can anyone help me out on this?

I am seeing much lower range?
Does AT command firmware have done something better?

Welcome to RAK forum @rraol .

The toolchain used in developing the RAK firmware is different and not STM32CubeIDE. The code has difference as well but the LoRaWAN stack is the same. I haven’t looked deeply at the STM32Cube examples but there might be a way to set the transmit power of the radio in the STM32 Middleware. We only provide the porting guide (mainly on the RF section) so that user has the option to use the STM32 Examples and the free STM32CubeIDE for RAK3172. Low level implementations and APIs of STM32Cube Examples is maintained by the STmicroelectronics itself.

I understand @carlrowan but atcommands firmware

low level dev code

Anyone can help here?

I understand you have different attennae and not implement LPO. is that correct? is there a configuration change required?