Unable to load firmware onto 7204 after reflashing bootloader

Issue: Unable to upload firmware

Setup: Windows 10/ Mac OS

Server: N/A

Details: After uploading bootloader using STM32Cube software I am unable to use RAK Device Firmware Upgrade Tool v1.4 to load RAK SERIAL PORT TOOL 1.2.1 reports the device is in and reports RUI Bootloader Version:3.0.2
from at+version but the firmware upgrade tool never works. I have tried the mac os version of the firmware upgrade tool. I have tried leaving the jumper on upper 2 pins, I have tried lower left 2 pins I have tried both, and no jumpers. No idea what is going on please help. I also have another 7204 that I can test against this one but Im not sure what I need to take.

Habe mir auch einen RAK7204 gekauf.
Habe die selben Probleme wie du. Kann die Firmware nicht laden.
Hast du schon eine Lösung gefundden?