Unconfirmed Data Down

Hi All,

I am using a RAK3172 with a RAK2245 Gateway [IN865]. I am able to send data, but I am not able to receive confirmation.

These are the Device Profile Configurations:

This is the version of Chirpstack.

Hi @d.prasannaakumar ,

Can you check the RX1 delay, RX2 Data-Rate and RX2 Freq in your RAK3172 module with this AT commands?




I’m not familiar with IN865 so it’s possible this is normal but I find it odd that your SF7 uplinks are getting their confirmation response as SF8 downlinks.

That would imply that the RX1 data rate offset were set to 1, rather than 0 as shown in your screenshot.

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Hi @carlrowan ,

I checked the RX1D, RX2DR and RX2FREQ. They’re all same as shown in the screenshot.

Hi @cstratton ,

Would there be any error in the gateway OS?