Updated tutorial for setup with TTN V3 / TTS?


I have to setup a Lora gateway for my tests and planned to use one of my spare Pi4 with RAK2287 Hat + Card but the documentation still states setup with deprecated TTN V2 and some settings have quite changed. An updated doc somewhere even if it’s pretty basic ?



Hello Vincen,

For now there is no such tutorial, but it is being worked on one. To register your gateway in TTN v3 you can follow the Adding Gateways using the Console guide from TTN.
After registering your gateway, edit the packet forwarder by selecting option 4 of the Graphic User Interface:

This will navigate to to global_conf.json file. In that file, find a field called “serv_address:”, and type the address of the TTN v3 cluster. (for EU the address is: eu1.cloud.thethings.network)

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Thanks for the easy trick to update it for TTS :+1:
Side question: what hat should I go with for my gateway based on Pi ? I want it to get best power and range if possible but you offer 3 models pretty similar (RAK2247/2287/8213)
Thanks for advices :wink:

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