US915 in Brazil


In Brazil the allowed frequency in LoRaWAN is 902-907,5 e 915-928 MHz, then I will use the RAK3172 US915, but I would like to know if it is possible to isolate this range between 907.5 to 915Mhz?


Welcome to RAK forum @fabianoh ,

As far as I know, in Brazil, AU915 is being used. The LoRaWAN Stack on the RUI3 firmware handles the frequency used on AU915 band.

Ok, but with AU915 I can’t use the frequency range 902-907.5. So I ask, is it possible in US915 trought the firmware to select the frequency and not just the region?

Hi @fabianoh ,

It is not possible to select specific frequencies on a Regional Band since they are already configured to follow the LoRaWAN specifications. You can try to use single channel via AT+CHS but I do not think it is encouraged since it will exhaust that single frequency on the network.