What is reason for +EVT:RXP2P RECEIVE ERROR?

Hi community,
Im use RAK3172, with short frame, it send good.
This is frame in side sender: AT+PSEND=0c1e0201061aff004c02154c53434f41435c6a4000004451143443434343
This is frame in side recieve:

The received string is different from the original string.
It always takes place at the end of the sequence:


What is the reason for this and how can I avoid it?

Thank you.

Hi Nam,

We have known issue that sometimes on P2P reception, the data has mismatch when encryption is enabled. This is fixed on v4.0.6 and currently on validation stage.

So if I disable encryption, it will solve the problem, right?
How will I do that.

Thank you.

Ohh. It is not enabled by default. So if you do not enable it, you have a different issue.

What is the configuration of your LoRa P2P? Like the freq, sf, preamble, coding rate, etc.?

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RAKLoRa.rk_initP2P(β€œ868000000”, 12, 0, 1, 8, 22)

Im use AT command from ESP32.

Im build library for it. But it work good 2 day ago.

Hi @Nam ,

When the error occurred, is it permanent? You cannot get any correct P2P TX anymore?

Or the issue is erratic on behavior?

On your shared AT commands, you received an +EVT:RXP2P RECEIVE ERROR so it appears that something is wrong on that TX transmission or on the RX reception of the payload.

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This is log of both side sender and reciever.
The number of frames is wrong about 70% and random.
There will be times when frames are correct in a row.
This is AT command, It’s not perfect, but has basic functions that can be used in P2P mode:

Im solve it. Problem is wire A and B of RS485 have noise (maybe antenna RF), so it change one or more bit in frame, lead to not String HEX in mode ATcommand or another error, so frame send and recieve sometime error.
Fixed by change wire.

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