Where can I find the latest RUI3 firmware

We are currently using the RAK3172 module and I wanted to assess the latest firmware for this module. Where can I find the latest firmware and what version is it currently at?
Are there any new firmware releases due in the next few months?

Welcome to the forum @marinafinch

The latest versions are always in our Download Center. The changelog with the latest version can be found there as well.

We will release a new V4.0.0 in the next days. Some final tests are missing and updating of our websites, then it will be available.

Are you using RUI3 as an AT command firmware or are you creating a custom firmware with it? The BSP for the latest version 4.0.0 can already be installed by using the json file from our staging repo

If you update RUI in your RAK3172 I strongly advise to install 3.4.2 and not 3.5 that is quite buggy :wink:

@vincen @marinafinch

RUI3 Version 4.0.0 is officially released. AT command firmware is available from the Download Center, Arduino BSP can be installed using the “normal” Custom Board JSON file as described in the Documentation Center

V4.0.0 has many bugs solved.

@beegee Thanks for the good news :slight_smile: Version 4.0.0 has been well tested ? always a little anxious to try some .0 version :see_no_evil:
Will upgrade one of my RAK3172 with it and see how it goes :wink:

Great thank you for the update.

@beegee Is it normal RUI3 version 4 doesn’t show up in Wisblock as firmware upgrade avalaible ?

Side note: I can’t upgrade my RAK3172 at version 4 as the RUI Node Air Quality demo code doesn’t fit anymore in RAK3172 when compiled with RUI4 :frowning:

You mean in WisToolBox? It needs some time before it will show up there.

Unfortunately code size of RUI3 went up. If the RUI Node Air Quality is my code, you can try to disable debug output and see if it fits.

Hello everyone =]

@beegee so the version 4.0.0 is the official one? It’s ok to use this version on production?
Is there a way to receive some notification when a new version is released?

** Another thing, I notice that the version 3.4.11 disappeared from “CHANGELOG.md”.

You can subscribe to our news letter. News at the bottom of the page on the right site. But usually it is a few days delayed (sent out weekly).

Another option (not in real time as well, V4.0.0 is not shown yet) ==> RAKwireless Documentation Center

For the missing 3.4.11 changelog, I will check with the team.

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a month to show up in wistoolbox is way too long I think :frowning: You really need an efficient system to push updates and publish them like an xml file or whatever like most software companies use :wink:

It is your code and unhappy I’m already in Debug Level 0 - Release in Arduino :frowning: Something else I can do ?

RUI3 v4.0.0 was released a few days ago. And it is already showing in WisToolBox:

The date 10/02/23 shown is the built-date, we had additional 3 weeks of final testing before we made it official

WisToolBox will only show official releases, so you will never see a V3.5.x there.

In my code you can usually find a

#ifndef MY_DEBUG
#define MY_DEBUG 1

Set MY_DEBUG 0 to remove most of the additional debug output, that reduces code space.

Thanks for the trick but unhappy it’s not enough, code doesn’t fit anymore with RUI4 :frowning:

We had to give RAK a second look because we needed to stay with RUI3 version 3.4.2, version 4.0.0 took up too much space for our custom code.
If this continue, it will defeats the purpose of writing custom code where you only have very little memory to put your application.
Hopefully, it is something that RAK can re-think.

+1 on it although you can always write full code for the STM32 without using RUI and having all memory avalaible then :wink:

Yup, that’s exactly what we did, after we decided to add more functionality to the code we went without RUI, however, RUI was what interested us in the first place to to RAKWireless. It is a cool feature for quick prototyping using Arduino.