Why am I getting "P2P RECEIVE TIMEOUT" message? And how do I avoid it?

Hello guys, I have 2 devices with rak3172. They are communicating with subghz lora. My main device has esp32 and rak3172 (1.0.4 version) on it and using AT commands to communicate; Always sending “AT+PRECV=65535” and listing a data this devicess has configurated with “AT+P2P=868000000:7:125:0:8:15”. My other device is an STM32WL subghz pingpong example based p2p device; also it configurated as “868000000:7:125:0:8:14” for p2p. But, sometimes ı get “P2P RECEIVE TIMEOUT” only. Why is that? ı didn’t find any documentation for this error codes? How can ı solve it?

Hi @tortudereli ,

Version 1.0.4 documentation for AT+PRECV is here - Deprecated AT Command Manual | RAKwireless Documentation Center

However that is obsolete already.

If you still want to use 1.0.4, that firmware supports permanent P2P RX mode using 65534 as input parameter.

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So, Carl. Why i am getting “P2P RECEIVE TIMEOUT” ? it’s cus my firmware is old?

It might be a bug in the old firmware version.
V1.0.4 is no longer maintained. I suggest you update the devices to the latest firmware RUI3 V4.0.6.

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Could you please share the lastest AT command firmware for me? I did’nt find it.

Links to the firmware