WisNode 2171 TrackIt iOS app 1.0.4

I have setup two WisNode TrackIt 2171 on the Helium network by successfully pairing them with Bluetooth and adding them to the working mode Lorawan (Helium Network). The TrackIt IOS app would show the correct gps location of where I am as long as Bluetooth is on. The minute I turned off Bluetooth, the two WisNodes on the TrackIt map would not update my realtime location.

Do the WisNodes TrackIt always need Bluetooth on and pair to my only iPhone? How can I give one of my WisNode TrackIt to my friend if we are hiking and I wanted to track his real time location using the helium network? No matter I select the working mode to be loraP2P or lorawan, as soon as Bluetooth is off, the TrackIt map wouldn’t not show the accurate real-time location anymore. Is this the expected behavior? If this is the case, it is useless because there is always a dependency on Bluetooth from the phone in order to get accurate location .

Simply put, can I just give the WisNode TrackIt device, which has already been setup on my phone to join the helium lorawan network, to my friend who doesn’t have a phone and I can easily track where he is in the TrackIt iOS app?

I also tried put the two WisNodes 2171 into LoraP2P mode. It seems like that when the host and the client nodes are a few miles away, I lost track of the client. The client would go offline and the map location isn’t showing any new update. What is the maximum miles between the host and the client nodes?