Wisnode seems faulty


I’ve recently bought a wisnode RAK7204 and a RAK2287 that I connected to a raspberry pi to build my gateway. Everything is in AU915.

I’ve been receiving packets with a really poor RSSI (usually between -90 and -100dB) and a bad SNR (between -2 and -10) when the node was in the same room as the gateway; when I tried to move the node about 10 meters away from the gateway I didn’t receive anything anymore.

I’ve bought an Arduino MKR to have a different node, and I’ve also bought a new antenna for the gateway.

Using the new antenna didn’t change much, the RSSI was still at around -100dB for the wisnode. In the same conditions, I was receiving packets from the Arduino with an RSSI of -40, and an SNR of 10 to 13!

I’ve tried to change the antenna on the Wisnode, and to use the old gateway’s antenna (the one provided by rakwireless when I bought the RAK2287), the RSSI was still below -90dB. Which makes me think there’s an issue with the wisnode ?

Is there something else I should check before contacting the support and ask to return the product ?
I’ve already been over the config in a previous post. I have also checked all the connections several times, I am sure the antennas are connect properly.


Hello @afauure,
What is the gain of the antenna that you have installed on the RAK2287?
Also, which FW version do you use for 7204?

Hey @Nikola

I don’t know what the antenna’s specifications are, I just realized the datasheet doesn’t give any details. Nevertheless, I don’t think that’s the problem as my Arduino gets a RSSI of -30 to -40dB when the wisnode is sitting at -90 to -100dB. This is in the exact same conditions: I’ve used the same antenna for both nodes, at the same distance from the gateway, same antenna on the gateway etc.

The Wisnode is running V3.0.0.14.H.beta4


From what I see the Arduino MKR uses a 2dBi antenna by default. Have you tried to put this antenna on the RAK7204?

Also, it may help if you update to the latest firmware, here is a guide on how to do so: RAK7204 Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center

Hey @Nikola,

I didn’t have any antenna with my Arduino, so I’ve been using the base antenna that was provided with the RAK2287. I have used the same antenna on both the Arduino and the Wisnode.

The Arduino had a good RSSI and SNR (around -33 to -40 dB and a SNR of 12) where the wisnode had really poor results (-90 to -100 dB). I can’t even receive packets from 10m away.

The tests have been done in the exact same conditions (same distance, same antenna, same gateway etc).

I really think the Wisnode is faulty.

Edit: concerning the version, my device is using the same version as in the documentation. Unfortunately I can’t try to update it with the tool you provided as I don’t have any Windows at home, but I doubt this is the issue.

Hello @afauure,
If you wish to return the module please contact us at [email protected] .
As for the firmware update tool, you can find the tool for Linux and MAC: RAKwireless Downloads