WisToolbox freezing on white screen on Debian 11!

Thanks, it’s also impossible to get identified with RAK Login. When I click on button in app it opens browser to login, then once logged browser asks if I want to open the external link to app, I say yes but then nothing happens ! App keeps being unlogged but not sure if it matters or not !

Here are tests with both versions of Wistoolbox for Desktop (Linux edition):
→ snap version (that personnaly I don’t like at all as it’s closed system and obliges to install snapd on your system…): unable to see any USB device, but template part is working fine.
→ AppImage version: able more or less depending of your luck with device through USB but template part is broken

Both apps are unable to identify with RAK login system.

Let me know if you need additional tests :slight_smile:

How to know when a new release is avalaible ?