Wistrio RAK5205 not get data on TTN

Wistrio RAK 5205 broad connect to TTN but there show the status never seen. The Dev Eui is 60C5A8FFFE6D00F9. Please help me in that.

Can you tell me the detail about this issue? or some pictures to show the detail.

Hi Fomi,
Thank for the response please check attached Screenshot of TTN server. Can note get the data of broad on the TTN server.

Hi, @Alluvium_2019

Which frequency you are using?
Can you please try to use OTAA mode first?
I’ve tested RAK5205 with TTN successfully as follow:

I using 868 MHz frequency. Change it to OTAA mode please check the SS. Still not get the data. And I am using the RAK5205_Application_Note_V1.2 document for connecting to TTN.

I have the same environment, I mean TTN with RAK5205 working fine.

One important point to pay attention it is that you need to follow the activation instructions because RAK5205 AT interface has some restrictions, if I am not wrong about APP EUI. You can´t use you automatically created by TTN Application. Follow the instruction in the manual: Application Note for
WisTrio LoRa Tracker.

Tell after about the results.

Hi,Please refer to the newest firmware and its document:RAK5205-WisTrio-LoRa

Thanks for your suggestion. I got the data on TTN and the SS attached below. Can you please share the payload format for for thease.

Hi, @Alluvium_2019

Please check this tutorial for the payload format.