Wistrio RAK5205 not get data on TTN

(Akshay Verma) #1

Wistrio RAK 5205 broad connect to TTN but there show the status never seen. The Dev Eui is 60C5A8FFFE6D00F9. Please help me in that.

(Fomi Tong) #2

Can you tell me the detail about this issue? or some pictures to show the detail.

(Akshay Verma) #3

Hi Fomi,
Thank for the response please check attached Screenshot of TTN server. Can note get the data of broad on the TTN server.

(Fomi Tong) #4

Hi, @Alluvium_2019

Which frequency you are using?
Can you please try to use OTAA mode first?
I’ve tested RAK5205 with TTN successfully as follow:

(Akshay Verma) #5

I using 868 MHz frequency. Change it to OTAA mode please check the SS. Still not get the data. And I am using the RAK5205_Application_Note_V1.2 document for connecting to TTN.

(claudio roberto machado da rosa) #6

I have the same environment, I mean TTN with RAK5205 working fine.

One important point to pay attention it is that you need to follow the activation instructions because RAK5205 AT interface has some restrictions, if I am not wrong about APP EUI. You can´t use you automatically created by TTN Application. Follow the instruction in the manual: Application Note for
WisTrio LoRa Tracker.

Tell after about the results.

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(wang) #7

Hi,Please refer to the newest firmware and its document:RAK5205-WisTrio-LoRa

(Akshay Verma) #8

Thanks for your suggestion. I got the data on TTN and the SS attached below. Can you please share the payload format for for thease.

(Fomi Tong) #9

Hi, @Alluvium_2019

Please check this tutorial for the payload format.