Wrong answer when setting NetworkMode


I’m implemtening an API using the latest RUI3 firmware. So far everything works fine, but the command for setting the network mode gives no reply. According to the docs, the response should be “OK” or “AT_PARAM_ERROR”, but it seems the devices just reboots.
See the following transcript, i enabled command echos for clarity:


RAKwireless RAK3172-E Example
Current Work Mode: LoRaWAN.

Rebooting the device should not be an issue, however, it should at least respond before that.

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Thank you for the feedback @avathar .

We will update the docs and consider adding OK reply. I will coordinate with the SW team :+1:

Hi @carlrowan

I just looked at the latest changelog from RUI 3.5.1 and noticed this bug was not addressed. I also tried the latest version and the issue is still there.

Are there any news if and when this is fixed?

Hi @avathar ,

I will coordinate to the team. I am not sure if it will be part of the 3.5.1 release but hopefully on the next beta so your use case will be covered.

Since 3.5.1 is already released, i’m hoping for 3.5.2 :wink: