Cellular configuration + Battery Level on RAK 5010?

Issue: I got my SIM card activated (Things Mobile), inserted the card into the slot, tried (“at_scan=cellular”) but it gives me an error like this:

Could you help set up the cellular network with the SIM card please?

Also, I am trying to create a function where it tells the current battery level, and once it reaches a certain level, alert the user to recharge. Are there any documents or examples to read the battery level?

Setup: Battery Voltage is stable (the chip is connected to the USB port)

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Euigun Jung


First, bg96 will start with the mcu. So no need to at+set_config=device:cellular:1, it will power off bg96. The power on and off control is similar. And remember to connect the antenna. About the battery api. You can refer to this:

  • @brief This API is used to get the current voltage value of the battery.
  • @param float *voltage: the current voltage value of the battery
    RUI_RETURN_STATUS rui_device_get_battery_level(float *voltage);
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Thank you @nero for the explanation.

Regarding the network connection, every component is connected to the chip (antenna, GPS, battery…) and the power supply is stable. Also, it has been treated with special care w/o damage. However, it is still giving me this as a result:


I would assume either the board or the antenna has a defect, or the basic configuration of the network was set differently. I am trying to use Hologram as a last resort.

Could you please help me find a way to manually set it up, or a way to factory reset the board, flash it, and try at+scan=cellular?

Appreciate your help,

About the hardware, please be sure: LTE antenna is connected to the place marked LTE. From my point, if connected badly, it will return error. But if you are sure your connection is ok, just ignore.
About software, what kind of net do you use? NB-IOT or GSM or CAT-M1? Different kind has different configuration. Please refer to this:

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