How to use spi communication with rak3172

Hi guy. I want to use SPI communication with rak3172 but don’t see the documentation talking about it. I hope there is an example of SPI with rak3172 on the Arduino IDE.
P/S: I want to use rak3172 to display E-Ink. To connect it requires SPI

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You use SPI the same way you would use it from an Arduino sketch.
The SPI functions are listed in our RUI3 API Documentation

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I think the question is instead of using UART way to send AT command, how do we use SPI protocol to achieve the same functions as AT-based commands via UART

AT command functionality is only working on UART.
If you need AT commands over SPI, you have to write it by yourself. It is not available in RUI3.

Rak3174 can use with library (lora.h) spi protocol?

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Not sure if I understand your question. From what library is lora.h ???

If you use RUI3 API, you can use the SPI port with the integrated SPI library. There is no other library required.

If you want to communicate with the RAK3172 over SPI from another MCU, that is not possible.

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Is it possible to use the SPI interface to support ethernet connection too?
Wiznet W5500 use SPI interface and it’s supported by arduino core ethernet library as far as i know.

Never tried.
Not sure if the Ethernet library is compatible with RUI3.

Hi @Fulvietto ,

I did basic test on RAK13800 with RAK3172.

It works fine on our quick start guide test.

However, I haven’t tested more complicated usecase.

Great to know. Thanks for the hint!
Very great support.

@carlrowan could you, kindly, post the wiring schema that you’ve used for the test ?

It is in the your board documentation: RAK3272-SiP Breakout Board Datasheet