LA915A on RAK3172

Hello everyone =]

I’m using the module RAK3172 here in Brazil with the Everynet public network (in a smart metering application).

And right now I’m having some compatibility issues, because Everynet uses a Latim America LoRaWAN specification (Everynet_LA915A), and I’m using the AU915 specification (the closest spec I can get with RAK3172).

The issue is related to the use of DR0 and DR1, because different from AU915, LA915 have a default uplink dwell time: 0.

It’s possible to create a firmware variation to be compliant with this specification? :thinking:
I would like some help on this matter.

Welcome to RAK forum @joao_berlese ,

I am not sure if LA915 is an official LoRaWAN regional band or a custom one from Everynet. Currently, we do not support this regional band and not configurable in RUI3 firmware of RAK3172.

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Hello @carlrowan , thanks for your reply!

I know it’s not supported and it’s impossible to configure this in RUI3.

But just to point out, it seems like a common specification for LoRa applications in Latin America, there are other modules out there that support this and this behavior is allowed.