LoraWAN Rak3172 FUOTA

I am using the Rak3172 module. I could not activate the FUOTA feature. Do you have an example of FUOTA?

Welcome @ismlkarakus to RAK forum,

RAK3172 FUOTA is still in development. I am not sure how you try to activate it. But there is no documentation/guide to do that at the moment.

Can’t we use the FUOTA feature for the module right now?

Hi Ismail,

FUOTA does not exists yet for the RAK3172, so you cannot use it.

Hi Bernd;
Thank you for your kind attention,
If possible can you tell me which model support to fuota feature??

kind regards

RAK3172 and RAK4630 are RUI3-based (RAKwireless Unified Interface V3). Likely that these two modules will support the LoRa FUOTA in the future. But there is no definite time yet.