RAK2171 WisNode TrackIt Downlink / Command Description

Dear all,
is it possible to control a RAK2171 via Downlink messages, e.g. disable GPS to save battery life or increase GPS uplinks for higher accuracy in certain situations?
If yes, is there a Downlink Message Control Document / Description?
( I am using these in a closed / own LoRaWAN network with Chirpstack without the RAK App :slight_smile: )

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Maybe this can help:

As you see, I asked this question. This was about a payload decoder for uplink messages (from the RAK2171 to the gateway). It does sadly not contain any infos if it is possible to send downlink messages to the RAK2171 and how they need to look like.

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Can anyone help?
Or is there no possibility to control the RAK2171 via LoRaWAN?

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Hi @nmaas87 ,

There is no downlink control for now on RAK2171. Can you share me the requirements you need? I can propose it to the team and see what we can do about ti.

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Thank you Carl,
it would be immensely useful if one could turn off/on and set the time intervals for GPS via downlink - as well as disabling the accelerometer. I am using this in a project as a cat tracker - and as the household employing this also as a restricted cat flap with RFID (meaning the house always sees when the cat leaves and when not) - it would be a cool hack to just enable GPS as soon as the cat leaves the house to save energy (trying to get GPS fix through very thick concrete walls for half a day will drain a lot of unecessary energy). Same thing for tracking goods - decreasing the GPS uplink intervals when one needs higher accuracy - and decreasing again if you are getting into a zone where no LoRaWAN access is foreseen (e.g. loading container onto ship and shipping for some days).



Thank you for your suggestions. I will forward this to the team. For now, there are plans for downlink control but I can’t promise if we can fit it on all your requirements. Btw, if your project is urgent, you can probably look on our WisBlock hardware platform where you can customized easily.

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WisBlock is sadly too big, heavy and not ruggedist enough for a pet tracker - so it cannot be done with that. The RAK2171 is very formidable for this task, just the downlink control is missing :slight_smile: - thanks a lot already for forwarding and I am looking forward to what you come up with :slight_smile:

Anything new Carl? :slight_smile:

Hi @nmaas87 ,

There is no definite time yet when to add downlink capabilities (but it is already noted by the team). I will post here whenever we got update :slight_smile:

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Thanks, anything new ? :slight_smile:

@carlrowan Anything new?

I missed this @nmaas87 . I have to check on the team responsible on the development. I’ll get back whenever I get any update.

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