RAK3172 Breakout AT Errors

I am trying to follow the instructions here to connect to the RakWireless 3172 Breakout Development Board. RAK3272S Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center. I provided my setup and the example setup that is described. However, whenever I get the AT errors. Does anyone have any advice that could help me resolve this issue?

Recommended Wiring

My Error:

My Wiring

On USB Side

Hi @applecrusher ,

The AT commands for RAK3172 are different from the other WisDuo Modules.

Here’s the documentation: RAK3172 Module AT Command Manual | RAKwireless Documentation Center

I got it now, this is useful. But, is there a way to open this up on STM32Programmer to install bin files for Low Level Development, like here: RAK3172 Module Low Level Development Reference | RAKwireless Documentation Center? I found the latest firmware here, RAKwireless Downloads, but no luck with UART so far.

Hi @applecrusher

Are you trying to upload the .bin file using STM32Cubeprogrammer via UART and having issues?

Correct. I have had no luck with UART to flash custom .bin files so far using the RAK3172 breakout board. One of our existing products uses UART to flash bin files, and we would like to use the RAK3172 as a drop in replacement using this same method. The UART works with AT commands using the RAK Serial Port Tool, but we need it to flash our own bin files due to some additional complexity we need to account for on our device.

@applecrusher ,

I’ll be closing now this ticket and move the troubleshooting in the link below to avoid duplicate discussions: