RAK5860 Not responding any AT commands


I’m currently using the RAK5860, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to run the example code. The device just won’t respond any AT command given. I have read here a couple of comments saying that an external battery was necessary for the module. Even though I connected a battery, the result is still the same. It just sends the “power up!” response and never respons again to anything.

I uploaded a serial monitor capture to show its innactivity:
MicrosoftTeams-image (1)

Hi @Giorgio_Hernandez ,

What example code did you run? If BG77_Unvarnished_Transmission, the output should be like this.


After APP RDY, I manually transmitted ATI which shows info about hte device.

Hello, thanks for your reply.

Yes, we are running the exact example: BG77_Unvarnished_Transmission. The device just doesn’t respond to ATI command. In fact, it won’t respont to any other command.

Do the LEDs of RAK5860 light up? Also, can you confirm if Vbat and VDD lines are stable.

Yes sir, Vbat and VDD lines are stable. The LEDs light up: The blue one is continuously on, and the green one is blinking every 2 seconds.

Seems your device was turned on correctly. Hmm. Can you share the WisBlock Core and Base did you use? Also, is the latest version of the BSP installed in the Arduino IDE Board Manager?

Yes, of course.

base board: Rak19001(Dual IO)
Core: RAK11200 (ESP32)

Also, the BSP version is the latest.


Hi @Giorgio_Hernandez. Your issue looks very similar to the one I’m having: 5860 with activated SIM, no connection

The obvious difference is the interval. You mentioned that the 5860 status LED blink rate is 2 s and it looks like the RDY messages in the serial monitor are at the same frequency. On my device the interval is 4 s.