RAK7204 "stops transmitting" issue workaround

Hi RAKstars :slight_smile:
To address the “stops transmitting” issue until we find the root of the problem, we make a workaround firmware with a restart command.
You can download it here.
Command: at+set_config=lora:periodic_rst_interval:xxx. xxx is the period between device restarts. The unit is in seconds.

For example, at+set_config=lora:periodic_rst_interval:86400

There are two bin files in the zip:

  1. RAK7204_HF-p_rst.02.bin - For High bands - EU868, US915, etc…
  2. RAK7204_LF-p_rst.02.bin - For Low bands - CN470, EU433.

Any recommendations on the duration - I’m unlikely to use up all it’s Join Nonces but I can do without Join alerts popping up all the time.

So perhaps better to use ABP for now?

It is safe to set it up to one restart per 4 days - 345600 seconds. But, yes, better to use the ABP if you don’t want to pollute the air with join requests.

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Using ABP would probably mean needing to disable frame counter check server side

The module isn’t co-operating at present so testing this is work in progress. The new DFU times out on Windows & macOS.

It occasionally appears at the serial port in a fast running send loop that I can’t interrupt to get it in to boot loader mode. This needs the battery plugging in, which gets dragged down from 3.6V to 2V.

I’ve tried STMCubeProgrammer too but that’s not coming up.

I’ll get a proper test rig sorted so I can be a bit more methodical and report back.

Hi Nick, I’ve loaded it on 30 7204’s with no issues. What is the “module” problem, exactly?

That’s all I know …

Hei @nmcc,

Seems the same for me times out with the new tool. Interestingly enough I can revert to the older firmware but only with the old tool :frowning:
Seems to be the same for at least one more customer. Lets hope this is an insulated case. Nick please let me know if you manage to get it working.
By the way my tests were done with a fresh flashing of the bootloader


@nmcc Can you check the version of the bootloader? This firmware is based on the latest RUI and on bootloader 3.0.5. All firmware form version 3.x.x.14 includes the bootloader in the bin file. No more different tools :D. If you are with a lower bootloader than 3.0.5 you need first to flash the RAK811 Hex with STMCube Programmer(with boot jumper on) and then to flash the RAK7204 firmware with the DFU Tool(no boot jumper).

@Hobo & @velev - not my first firmware rodeo, just need to get a small window to be a bit more methodical - and sure, hit it with the downgrade hammer - I have ST-Link & Segger etc so can start from the ground up. More anon.

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Hi, what version of firmware it is based on?

On the latest RUI firmware - Bootloader 3.0.5, firmware

I have the exact same problem on several devices, so i am trying to upgrade the firmware unfortunately RAK DFU is not available for download.

Link 404 Not Found (rakwireless.com)

Returns this :slight_smile: 404 Not Found

Code: NoSuchKey
Message: The specified key does not exist.
Key: LoRa/Tools/RAK_Device_Firmware_Upgrade_tool/index.html
HostId: DaRPlxK46MXtp/NiOTU27QCwduAtgYyN544xWwFz4yCFFuFq7TN/6GdMMAURPyN5pUznpw5y+m8=

Moreover AT+run command to turn the device back from boot mode to app mode should be more explicit (not even in the AT command guide or firware upgrade guide). Thx for the brain teaser.

I updated your link. It should be working now.

You can access it here as well - https://downloads.rakwireless.com/#LoRa/Tools/RAK_Device_Firmware_Upgrade_tool/

Thank you for updating the link. I was able to update the firmware, unfortunately it seems that the periodic_rst_interval is set to 1 by default so the devive reboots every second which makes it really difficult to send an AT command to overwrite the paramater. On the first device I wal lucky enough to be able to do it after a few minutes but on the second, just impossible…

After multiple retries the AT command was accepted and the interval set to a correct value.