RAK8212-M Arduino Examples?

I’m starting to work with the RAK8212-M, and am looking for any Arduino examples for interacting with the BG96 from the nRF microcontroller.

From my understanding the nRF52832 is connected to the BG96, but I’m not able to find a good schematic or samples of code showing these two parts communicating.

I was thinking that I would easily find some good examples of a project using this product … but searching the Rak website, and Google, I’m coming up with nothing.

I’m now thinking that I’ll have to write an article about what I learn to assist others … but I’m wanting to track down the details that I need.

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Humancell,

Actually, we haven’t developed an Arduino solution for RAK8212-M. I’m sorry for that.

But we are doing a new solution for RAK5010 which is nRF52840+BG96, it is Micropython, maybe it is useful for reference. For Arduino, we’ll plan it after Micropython solution development.

Hello @Fomi ,

So what are my options for developing on the RAK8212-M? If I am not able to do Arduino development, then what other options do I need to investigate?

Hello @Fomi,

Everything I am reading on your website, and your Github pages, and Quickstart seems to indicate that you have completely dropped all support for this product? Did you just sell me something that I can’t do anything with?

When I review your quickstart, it leads me to broken links on Github and no source code. Then the various related iTracker projects do not have much activity.

What am I able to do with this RAK8212-M that I just bought?

Hi @Humancell,

No, we haven’t dropped RAK8212-M yet:slight_smile:

For RAK8212-M, you have two choice for its firmware:

  1. Our official firmware which is developed based on RAK IoT SDK named RUI, and you can customize your own firmware based on RUI unified APIs for RAK8212-M. We have opened some sample “Application” source code on Github (but RUI SDK hasn’t been open source):
    Maybe you should have a look at this topic for more details about RUI firstly:
    The guid of customizing a firmware based on RUI!
  2. Espruino firmware for RA8212 which is developed by Espruino team, you can have a look at the following links for more detail: