Rak8212 Project creation

Good day to all
I have rak8212 module, and my goal is:

  1. Scan all BLE devices around
  2. Send this data to the remote server.
    Could you plz advice to me - where can I find examples and detailed guide?
    Thank you!

Hi @Legatinka1,

This is an example source code that RAK8212 scans iBeacon signal to get data, themn send these data out through Cellular.

For your usecase, i think it is almost same with it, but the BLE mode is not Beacon scan mode, i think you need RAK8212 works in BLE master mode. You can surely do it according to our sample source code.

By the way, if you want to do more things about BLE, for example BLE 5.0/5.1, you can also use RAK5010 which is based on nRF52840 while RAK8212 is based on nRF52832.

Thank you! Could you plz show me guide how to compile and run this project? Thank you!

Maybe you can have a look at this topic:

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Hi @Legatinka1,

Sorry, it is my fault. The link is correct now.

Hi! Thank you. As I understand - I need to receive some testing credentials to online compiler
Is it possible?
Also - could you plz show me the example-project for sending http requests? should I set up my code for israel mobile operator?
Maybe you can advice me some other device? For example arduino shield
Thank you

Hi @Legatinka1,

If you want to get an account of RAK online compiler, please share the information in this topic:

It is now a commandline format, and maybe we can public a web version online compiler soon. :smile:

About example source code, i’ve share in the above, but there is no http example yet. We can add a http example in that repo, but it will take some days because we are all in another projects now.

For other device, i think RAK5010 is a good choice, we’ve developed a new firmware for it, and it is based Micropython.

Good day to all
I am sorry, but did you add the examples? I need only one simple example of http or mqtt sending on remote server
Can you help me? Thank you


Can i use this method? How can I set remote server address?

rui_cellular_open_socket is a 2G join api. It needs you config ip, port, operator… first. You can refer this :
operator short name:CMCC
apn name:CMNET
server type:0

rui_cellular_send is the uart api between mcu and bg96.

You can use
rui_cellular_set_server set server.
rui_cellular_set_operator set operator.

All details is in rui.h