RAK8212 - sending the Quectel_QuecOpen application to the bg96 module

I want to flash the bg96 with my own application which is based on the BG96_QuecOpen_SDK.
and I’m wondering about how to do that. Is it possible using USB serial connection?
PS: I’m not talking about upgrading the base firmware of bg96 (via DFOTA) which is already answered in another ticket.

You mean the firmware which works on nRF52832 MCU, right?
If it is, i have answered this question in your another topic:

Hi @Fomi,
I actually mean the application which I tested on Quectel’s evaluation board for bg96. To put it simply, I used to transfer the .bin file to the filesystem of the bg96 module via USB connection using Quectel tool (QEFS Explorer). But now I want to test the same application on the bg96 of the iTracker and I’m wondering how can this be done?

Sorry @Mohamed. I think it can’t be done on RAK8212, because RAK8212 can only update BG96’s firmware from FOTA, it actually don’t connect with BG96’s USB pin.

So to do that, the only way is to communicate with bg96 via AT commands and do FOTA.
Is it possible via Bluetooth?
Also, I see in your Get-started guide that you used QCOM tool from Quectel, but which serial interface are you connected to?
I’m connected to RAK8212 with J-link edu mini but I don’t see any serial COM port available.

Hi @Mohamed,

Yes, it is the only way to upgrade the firmware for BG96 through FOTA.
Bluetooth can be used to do DFU, but it is only used to upgrade the firmware which works on nRF52832 MCU, not BG96.

About serial interface, yes, there is no serial port available, the only serial port is used to connect with BG96.

BTW, i’ll release a new firmware and a new document in severial days, in this firmware, you can send AT command(not serial port actually) from Mobile Application over BLE. For example, query the firmware version of BG96:

Then you can see the information in RTT Viewer.

Hi @Fomi,
Thank you for the clarification. Please keep us updated on any new firmware releases for RAK8212.

Hi @Mohamed,

I’m sorry for late.
We’ve released the new version firmware for RAK8212 and RAK8212-M.
In our latest firmware of RAK8212(M), we supply a method to send AT command to RAK8212 or BG96 from Nordic mobile APP over BLE.
The latest firmware is here:
the document is here:

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Hey @Fomi

Is the source code for this firmware release available?