RAK8212M , BG96 rev 4 and MQTT AT is missing

Hello , i’ve a RAK8212M and the AT Command for MQTT on BG96 are missing (get ERROR on each command).

The revision of the BG96 is BG96MAR02A04M1G. I think i have to upgrade the firmware of the BG96 but i cant find the files for doing to DFOTA.

Help me please :slight_smile:

Hi @tadeoz

Please check this post How to upgrade the firmware of BG96 on itracker module?


Hi todor ,
Thanks for your reply , but the update files on this post start from Revision 5 and i have a Revision 4 :frowning:

Hi, @tadeoz

Can you please give me your email, and our colleague will contract with you.
I have asked Quectel about A04 version firmware of BG96, but i’m sorry, Quectel told me that there is no FOTA feature in A04 firmware. So i think we need to exchange a new RAK8212-M module for you.

Hi @Fomi
Thanks for your reply and your exchange proposal. Maybe it will be too long for our needs to proceed to an exchange for now. But if you can tell me where i can buy a RAK8212-M with an updated BG96 on it , i will be glad to do it. (I’m in France)
I bought my first RAK8212-M on Aliexpress

Hi @tadeoz

You can buy it from Pi-Supply which is a compony in English.

hi @Fomi
Thanks but unfortunately the product is out of stock :frowning:

Oh, sorry!
Then you can only buy or exchange a new one from us.

It’s ok to buy a new one directly from you , but unfortunately i can’t find the RAK8212-M on your store , only the RAK8212

Thanks , but that’s where i allready buy my rak8212m so i think i will have the same problem if i buy it again from there

No, i’ll tell my colleague to check the firmware version before they send the new module to you.

Ok , if i understand it well , i make a new order on aliexpress , i give you the order ID so your collegue can check the firmware before sending the module

OK, i’ll tell them to check.

Ok i made an order for 10 modules , the Order Id is 103669224934478.